Chad Michael Featuring Raymond Arechiga – Evolution, Pt II

Chad Michael Featuring Raymond Arechiga – Evolution, Pt II

Music always has a way of sticking with you when its really. Especially with a genre like Hip Hop that is known for its authenticity and its connection it’s able to make with its fans, that is almost spiritual. That realism in the music is what makes you keep coming back to it because you feel it to the point your not just listening to a song, but having a true experience that stops time for you to enjoy it all. That is what you get from Chad Michael on his new song “Evolution Pt II” featuring Raymond Arechiga.

Chad Michael comes together with Raymond Arechiga to make a powerful statement of music on the new song “Evolution, Pt II”. The song wastes little time getting you invested with a great sound in the music, that has an aspirational vibe to it that sets the ultimate tone for the vision that comes to life. To match this sound you get powerful rhyming that shines in its substance, with stand out lyrics that stand out in their sharpness, but also the depth of them that make it all relatable. Each line is delivered with pure conviction that drives it all home, as you feel them going for gold for every second of audio they bless us with.

Chad Michael featuring Raymond Arechiga “Evolution, Pt II” is an incredible body of work that one listen will never be enough for. Its a shining example of the power music can have over the listener, with each element working in divine timing to make one sonically brilliant sound, that has soul in it to make it that much more real for us all. If you love good music you can feel you you will love everything that this record has to offer to the world.

Check out Chad Michael featuring Raymond Arechiga “Evolution, Pt II” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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