MaConny – Idea

MaConny – Idea

Music is a pick me up like no other. A special form of art that is able to put sounds together with words that not only make life more enjoyable, but help us get through when we need it most. That element of music is what makes us all lifetime fans, with music being the ultimate guide to help us maneuver through this crazy thing called life. That type of music is what you get from MaConny on the new song “Idea”.

MaConny delivers a brilliant Ampiano sound filled with good vibes on the new song “Idea”. The Afro inspired rhythms help set the tone for the magic that comes to life, with full layered grooves that flow in perfect harmony with the percussion to make you feel the music in your body in a real way. As the music flows you feel the power of MaConny’s vocals that shines in the soul in the tone, with her positive affirmations in the lyrics shining through to pour into the listener righteously in the verses, as well as the major chorus to make one incredible body of work that comes together in divine harmony.

MaConny’s “Idea” is the perfect record to show the power and magic that music will fovever be able to have over the listener. Its easy listening in every way with the supreme care put into the music, coming through the speaker to make fans of us all, as we leave our subjectivity at the door and just enjoy this record for the blissful art that it is.

Check out MaConny “Idea” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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