Smokiecoco – Lengest One

Smokiecoco – Lengest One

One of the most exciting things about this platform is getting music from artists we are familiar with. Those acts that we hear and fall in love with their sound, as they go for gold to become major names in the world of music. Smokiecoco is one of those acts with so much promise in their approach its impossible not to see the sure stars that they are, with their new release “Lengest One” being another top release.

Smokiecoco delivers a smash that packs all the vibes you need to enjoy it on the new song “Lengest One”. Their signature style shines ever more with so much charisma in the approach, you buy into their swagger that they don’t hold back on showing off for us all. Taking full advantage of the production that has major bounce to it to make you have as much fun listening to it, as they did making it to bring the catchy lyrics on what is another major release.

Smokiecoco’s “Lengest One” is the perfect send off for the year for this group that didnt miss one bit. Its that type of music you leave your subjectivity at the door for, with every element of the music working in perfect harmony, to make the ultimate jam to make the culture that much exciting by their presence.

Check out Smokiecoco “Lengest One” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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