Madoa Sankara x Sudan 6ix – Thats That Girl (Official Video)

Madoa Sankara x Sudan 6ix – Thats That Girl (Official Video)

Hip Hop has always had its own special way of sticking with the people. Being something with a wide range of variety that isnt limited to any one soul or lyrical concept.It has long been a thing that we can relate to due to the substance giving by the artists, as well as the natural soul put into the music that works in perfect harmony to make something that keeps us coming back. That is especially true for this new impressive release from Madoa Sankara and Sudan 6ix on the new song “Thats That Girl”.

Madoa Sankara and Sudan 6ix come together to bring their hot new single “Thats That Girl” off their joint EP “The Poet and 6ix”. The soul sound in the production kit masterful at setting a tone you can feel with knocking 808’s matched with a great string sample, to make a sound that feels light for them to float on. Letting the music flow you get to hear the impressive rhyming that stands out in its lyricism in the verses, and putting it together with the catchy chorus that is delivered to the fullest by the flows full of charisma that grab you for every second.

Madoa Sankara and Sudan 6ix’s “Thats That Girl” is a song that feels just as good as it sounds to make fans of us all. It’s an easy listening record that does all the work for us and leaving us with the only task of kicking back and enjoying the stellar music. If you love good music as well as great visuals this release delivers that and so much more, as they continue to give us all a reason to check out their new EP.

Check out Madoa Sankara and Sudan 6ix “Thats That Girl” as well as their new project “The Poet and 6ix” and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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