GLOSSER – The Artist

GLOSSER – The Artist

Music is fun to explore when its innovation in the approach. When you are able to hear new ideas and a new approach taking form right before our eyes, to make something fresh in every way. As much as music can be so trendy especially Pop music, its always refreshing to hear an artist take chances to make music that stands out and GLOSSER does this in a superb way on their new song “The Artist”.

GLOSSER delivers a dreamy Pop sound that is worth getting lost in for every second on the new song “The Artist”. The song has many engaging elements that grab you but there’s no denying the magic of the lush vocals that melt into the atmospheric approach to the sound, to make one amazing cohesive sound. As the elements flow together in its own special divine way you get to really take in the depth in the verses that serve up the major chorus to the fullest, to make the reasons to enjoy this song truly limitless.

GLOSSER’s “The Artist” is everything you can hope to hear when listening to a new song, with a freshness to it that pours more life into this culture of music we love. It shines in its original sound and shows the power that creativity will always have in this art of music, with every facet of this record being done with the ultimate care, and shining through majorly. If you love good music you owe it to yourself to explore the incredible sound of GLOSSER.

Check out GLOSSER “The Artist” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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