Rich Delinquent – No Saint

Rich Delinquent – No Saint

Something music will always need to thrive is creativity. Present day so many songs use the same formula and sound that a lot of songs can just blend together, and takes a true work of art to really make something that will stand out from the countless releases we are exposed to. When a record has its own special approach, it allows you to focus on the music as well as go on the ride it takes you on, and thats what you get from Rich Delinquent on the new song “No Saint”.

Rich Delinquent creates an engaging thriller with a masterful vibe on the new song “No Saint”. The dark smooth approach to the sound lets you slow down to take it all in, giving you a chance to feel the music. As the music flows you get to take in his vocals that are reminiscent of The Weeknd, with appeal in the tone that makes it digestible to breathe the right life into the music. The more you listen the more you get to dive into the vivid story telling, that was inspirited by American Psycho to make for an enticing listen that will have you on the edge of your seat.

Rich Delinquent’s “No Saint” is a major release for this remarkable talent who lays it all out there to make a masterpiece. the music vibes to the fullest to make you get lot in the music, while the writng goes deep in its articulation to paint a picture just as well as the visuals, while the vocals take over the top to make a record that doesnt miss in any way.

Check out Rich Delinquent “No Saint” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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