Tonia – Afloat

Tonia – Afloat

Music lasts with you when you can feel it. When you make the emotional connection with the music as the sounds work in perfect harmony to deliver something amazing. That type of music is truly timeless because no matter the climate, the honesty in the music will always be arable to resonate as something real and that type of music is what you get from Tonia on her new song “Afloat”.

Tonia brings an emotive must hear vibe you will love every second of on the new song “Afloat”. The production delivers a stellar tone to the record, with a nice breezy soul sound that does wonders to the soul as the music flows. Tonia’s vocals are warm as well as sweet in their delivery to let you take in the heartfelt writing just right, with every facet of the record clicking right on time to let you get lost in the amazing sound that comes to life.

Tonia’s “Afloat” is a fresh breath of air for music lovers everywhere. It’s everything you could ask for when hearing something new, with a freshness in the approach that is behind enjoyable. The care in the music shines through in a real way, to make an exceptional listen as you find more reasons to feel and love the music in every listen.

Check out Tonia “Afloat” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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