Rick Smoove – Brake Pads

Rick Smoove – Brake Pads

Happy Monday!!! Hope everyone had a great holiday weekend and ready to have a great start to the week. To start off the week it’s important for us to bring music that is undeniable and that can serve as the perfect tone setter for us, as well as the perfect pick me up for you all. An artist who always delivers is Rick Smoove and his latest release “Brake Pads” is some of his finest work to date.

Rick Smoove lives up to his name to make a smooth record that you can get lost in on the new song “Brake Pads”. His knack for crafting music for the world is one of this records greatest assets, with his ever growing pen bringing the vision to life, as the well crafted lyrics serve up the big time chorus. All of this is delivered by his commanding presence that lets his star charisma shine over this R&B/ Pop infused sound that you hear and know it was meant for the world to hear.

Rick Smoove’s “Brake Pads” is a shining testament of this master hitmakers work. The reasons to love this record are infinite with so much care put into the music, it impossible to deny the major hit that it is. His craftsmanship makes for an impressive listen with the sound being top notch, the writing being stronger than ever, and the flow being stand out in its approach keep us coming back for more.

Rick Smoove “Brake Pads” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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