Tr3 Taylor x Crae – Bad Advice

Tr3 Taylor x Crae – Bad Advice

Hip Hop music is always an exciting listen when the artist is jacked in. When you hear them fully jacked in and ready for the world, as they unapologetically go for gold. That music is always must hear because you cant help but root for them, while they let their talent shine to the fullest and what’s what you get from Tr3 Taylor and Crae on their new song “Bad Advice”.

Tr3 Taylor and Crae come together to make a record that shines in every way on the new song “Bad Advice”. The music wastes little time getting you invested with a masterful sound in the production that packs major 808’s and horn samples that make you feel th music instantly. Taking full advantage of the sound the artists put their heart and soul in the music and you feel their presence righteously, as their rhymes come to life in the verses, and takes off in the chorus to make for an undenibale experience of music worth every second.

Tr3 Taylor and Crae’s “Bad Advice” is a record that will make a fan out of anyone who listens. They give their all to the music that makes something truly brilliant, with each aspect of the music doing its part to make on must hear masterpiece that will keep you coming back for time to come.

Check out Tr3 Taylor and Crae “Bad Advice” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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