Nylon Club – Aquarium

Nylon Club – Aquarium

Rock music is always at its best when its disruptive. When the music packs that certain hard edge to it that keeps you hanging on every moment, as the music takes you on a ride like no other. That exciting experience of music is what you get from Nylon Club on their impressive new release “Aquarium”.

Nylon Club delivers a sound full of buzzing guitars and frantic guitars to make one major sound on the new song “Aquarium”. The song doesn’t waste any time setting a tone and getting you invested with the music pumping to the fullest, to slow down time for you to take in all the many intricacies of the sound. For the raw sound you get a vocal performance full of life that is perfect for bringing the story to life brought by the strong song writing, to make a record that doesnt miss in giving you a thrilling experience like no other.

Nylon Club’s “Aquarium” is everything you hope to hear when listening to something new, with a stabd out sound that is fresh in every way. It shines in its ability of making a supreme sound musically, while also bringing music that you can feel to make it that much real for the listener to connect to, on this record full of replay value that delivers in every way.

Check out Nylon Club “Aquarium” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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