Guapo P – Step Wit It

Guapo P – Step Wit It

Happy Monday!!! Hope everyone had a great weekend and ready to start off the holiday week strong. To kick off the week we try to bring music that is must hear and that sets a great tone not only for our week but your week as well. Making sure we all get to start off the week with that right bounce and Guapo P brings us that right vibe with his new song “Step Wit It”.

Guapo P brings a ultra cool record that makes you want to move with his new song “Step Wit It”. As soon as you hit play you get lost in the chill dreamy sound that feels good to hear to get us invested in the work that takes place. Matching the sound you get a slick flow from Guapo that feels good to hear, as he lays the lyrics down with ease in the sharp verses, that serves up the catchy chorus with ease to make us all fans of this stand out record and talent.

Guapo P’s “Step Wit It” is a stand out release that feels as good as it sounds. Its undeniable in every way while also being easy listening with everything being done to a supreme level, to leave the only work for the listener to do it it hit play and take in the magic of it all. Hit play now and enjoy the must hear sound from Guapo P.

Check out Guapo P “Step Wit It’ below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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