C. Shreve the Professor x ILE FLOTTANTE – The Challenge

C. Shreve the Professor x ILE FLOTTANTE – The Challenge

People come to Hip Hop to get the real. That music that is authentic and powerful approach to make something the listener can feel. That type of Hip Hop will always be the mecca of this genre, with that powerful feel in not only on the emceeing but the production as well, to make something true for the listener. That sound purists will love shines through on new song from C. Shreve the Professor and ILE FLOTTANTE called “The Challenge”.

C. Shreve the Professor and ILE FLOTTANTE  come together to make a master class to show Hip Hop still lives on the new song “The Challenge”. The production is commanding setting a hard soulful tone, with hard percussion and piano chords that makes your head nod right away, as you feel every element in the music. From there the emceeing commences taking off with powerful rhyming with hard lines like “Life’s a bitch, but I’m sucking on nipples though” that gives you that golden feel, as each line hits you in your chest to let you know this is that real deal, that will always be a voice for the culture.

C. Shreve the Professor and ILL FLOTTANTE’s “The Challenge” is that pure music that is a breath of fresh air for true fans of the culture. It’s a powerful statement that is loud and clear for anyone who listens, to this undeniable record that is waiting to blare out of your speakers for time to come, with superb rhyming and supreme production that work as one to make an instant classic.

Check out C. Shreve the Professor and ILL FLOTTANTE “The Challenge” and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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