B.Miles – One Trick Pony (Official Music Video)

B.Miles – One Trick Pony (Official Music Video)

Now more than ever people are looking to make a real connection with the music beyond it just having a nice sound. So many releases dropping daily, you must be able to feel the music on another level for it to stand out to you ,as well as stick with you due to the pure emotion put into the music. when you feel the music it makes for something real and that authenticity is what you get from B. Miles on the new song “One Trick Pony”

B. Miles opens herself up to the world in a real way on her new song “One Trick Pony”. She conveys emotion in the music brilliantly way, with her mastering the art of tone to use her voice as an instrument to deliver the writing to perfection to make it all land home. The writing is heartfelt in its approach being able to take us on her journey of musical highs and lows to bring us closer to the person behind the music as you feel it all. This all takes place over a Bedroom Lo fi Pop sound that sets an amazing emotive tone and progresses to perfection to take us on this special coming of age journey. 

B. Miles “One Trick Pony” is not only a supreme quality record, but a modern day masterpiece that connects in a real way. She lays it all out there in the music, and it resonates to perfection to make every moving aspect of the song enjoyable for every second. Its a fresh approach to a major Pop sound with the innovation in the approach working wonders to make something worth coming back to for time to come.

Check out B. Miles “One Trick Pony” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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