Uèle Lamore – Something About Us

Uèle Lamore – Something About Us

Music is at its best the you hear the creativity in it. When you hear a creative truly going for gold, as the daring energy in the music shines through to give us something, that is fun to explore for every second. That type of experience is one that is surly one to make a fan out of anyone, as you get to enjoy the freshness of a sound like you’ve never heard before, and that is what you get from Uèle Lamore on the new song “Something About Us”.

Uèle Lamore marvels in every way to show the power of innovation in the new song “Something About Us”. The layers to music work to the ultimate perfection with each instrument working in perfect harmony with the net to make something mega. The cinematic approach to the sound builds to take you on a ride as the fuzzed out indie rock sound melodies and thought provoking vibes, take your mind on a journey full of excitement that make you get lost in time, to the music that comes to life majorly for every single second she delivers.

Uèle Lamore‘s “Something About Us” is a record one listen will never be enough for. The more you listen the more you find something to love about this record, with so many special intriciaes in the music you get a chance to discover another reason to enjoy this masterpiece brought to life for us all. If you love good music, you will love every second of this masterpiece.

Check out Uèle Lamore “Something About Us” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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