Sunfish – You Like The Pain

Sunfish – You Like The Pain

Every genre has something about I that makes it special. Whether it be the flair of Hip Hop music, or the enchanting grooves of a genre like EDM music, each one has their own thing, but Rock music has always been a genre that has stopped time. A genre known for having a commanding sound that captures the listener, with a rebellious touch that always captures our times, and deep substance to the writing that makes people think. The spirit of that sound makes it last forever and Sunfish brings all of that with their new song “You Like The Pain”.

Sunfish brings an incredible sound to life that is impossible to ignore on their new song “You Like The Pain”. The music is thrilling immediately, with a commanding raw sound that brings you into their world that is exciting at every turn. The sound is layered to perfection with a large drums, and driving guitar riffs pushing things forward, while the vocal approach shines through it all to shake up the listener, to keep you invested for every single second they bring us into their world.

Sunfish’s “You Like The Pain” is an engaging display of music that makes discovering music fun again, with an out of this world experience that gives the consumer all they could want and more. It’s big time musically with a brilliant original sound shining through to the fullest, to bring this full vision of artistry to the forefront just right.

Check out Sunfish “You Like The Pain” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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