Michael Rice x Amberlind – Reasons (Remix by Behmer)

Michael Rice x Amberlind – Reasons (Remix by Behmer)

Music has rose to prominence for many different reasons but there’s no denying how much innovative songs helped the cause. Creative driven records have long breathed fresh life into the culture, as they are that special class of music that captures the listener’s imagination, and able to be exciting to explore. Michael Rice and Amberlind come together to make one of those new exciting tunes on the new song “Reasons” remixed by Behmer.

Michael Rice and Amberlind connect with the Behmer to make the must hear remix of “Reasons”. Everything about this record screams appeal, with a stand out sound that is digestible in every way to make something for the people to enjoy. The sound is layered to perfection with a nice Pop sound with a big time EDM touch to make you want to move, as you feel the magic in the vocals that brings the superb writing to life to make the ultimate jam for the people to love without limits.

Michael Rice and Amberlind’s “Reasons” remix by Behmer embodies everything a remix should be, bringing fresh life to make you enjoy a song you already love even more. The creativity in the sound and approach is one of this record’s greatest assets, with them giving you a master class of artistry, as well as a major hit that the world will enjoy to the fullest.

Check out Michael Rice and Amberlind “Reasons (Behmer Remix)” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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