Frau – Siren

Frau – Siren

Music is most fun to discover when it’s fresh. That music that embodies everything it is to be new, with bringing something like you’ve never heard. It’s that aspect of music, that keeps fan coming back for more, as we get to take in those innovative ideas, that bring new light to something we already love. The Rock band Frau defies conviction to show why their sound is worth every listen with their latest “Siren”.

Frau creates the ultimate experience of music to showcase their stellar sound on the new song “Siren”. The production sets the tone immediately and takes you away from wherever you, into their awesome world that you cant help but get lost in. The vocal performance guides you through with the right amount of emotion at every turn, while the impressive being felt righteously as it displays a high level of musicianship you can enjoy as soon as you hit play, till it’s over and you’re already in the mood to hear it again.

Frau’s “Siren” is the perfect display of music to show, how creative and innovative Rock music still is. Everything clicks and makes sense musically, to the point you feel like the music is reading your mind, as it does everything that you can wish for in real time to make this record a stellar listen in every way.

Check out Frau “Siren” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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