Bulgarian Cartrader – A Different Kind of Jump

Bulgarian Cartrader – A Different Kind of Jump

Happy Friday!!! Hope everyone had a great week and ready to have an even better weekend. Fridays are always exciting for music lovers everywhere, as we get so many fresh releases on this amazing day to give everyone something to listen to. With as much music that comes out it can make it hard to know what to give your time to, so we do our best to showcase undeniable releases that we know anyone can hear and enjoy the genius of it. That is surely the case for the new release from Bulgarian Cartrader on the new song “A Different Kind of Jump”.

Bulgarian Cartrader delivers a must hear sound that is enjoyable in every way in the new song “A Different Kind of Jump”. The artist name alone builds a certain level of intrigue that makes you want to hear them, and when you hit play you get something behind impressive. The creative emotive tone shines with a great Indie Electronic sound that, is a match made in heaven with the vocals that deliver with a nice touch of soul, to make you feel the writing that comes to life right before our eyes to give a true experience of music.

Bulgarian Cartrader’s “A Different Kind of Jump” is a stand out record that delivers at a high level in the audio and visuals alike. Its a record that shows the beauty of a well written song with the articulation being masterful and poetic, while also having nice innovation in the sound to give you something fresh with diving into for time to come.

Check out Bulgarian Cartrader “A Different Kind of Jump” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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