AMIDY x Tyler Graves x Danny Olson – Gravity

AMIDY x Tyler Graves x Danny Olson – Gravity

When writing about music something it can be a grind coming up with the right words, to describe the music but then there some releases that, inspire you to write so freely that it truly writes itself. That type of music doesn’t always come across often, but when it does it makes things that much more enjoyable to be apart of and thats the case for this new must hear collaboration between AMIDY, Tyler Graves, and Danny Olson on the new song “Gravity”.

AMIDY, Tyler Graves, and Danny Olson comes together for the fresh exciting release called “Gravity”. The major appeal in the sound shines instantly with a big time commercial feel approach, that makes it digestible and must hear for the masses. For the big time sound you get big time vocal performances, that stand out in every way, to deliver the writing to the fullest, to give us the perfect storm of brilliant music that you will be thankful to be apart of.

If you’re looking for a stellar release to dive into “Gravity” is a song that puts it all together to make something that is truly masterful musically and must hear. When you hit play you know instantly this is something special, as you hear every element of the music doing it’s part to make one out of this world sound, that you hope never ends. Hit play now and enjoy this major sound to the fullest.

Check out AMIDY, Tyler Graves, and Danny Olson “Gravity” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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