Interview: Evvo talks Career, Influence, Late Replies, and What’s Next!

Interview: Evvo talks Career, Influence, Late Replies, and What’s Next!

Music is and has always been a what’s next type of thing. Being know as something that thrives on things being fresh from its style, sounds, and artists. We all look for creatives that can stand out with their own sound as something special. An artist who is truly worth your time is Evvo. An artist from Texas who can truly do it all, with his latest EP “Late Replies” being the ultimate statement of his work. He was gracious enough to take time to answer some questions for us. Below is the interview.

Who is EVVO the artist?

Just a Young Texas artist Looking to paint vivid images of the hardships and temptations that reside in the toxic realms of relationships, money, conflict and everyday emotions that we endure on the hustle toward the life we desire, But in a way the world has never seen.

Who are some of your biggest musical influences and how do you incorporate them in your music?

For me personally it would have to be Drake Lauren hill, and probably young Thug.

What was your creative process for your new project “Late Replies”?

When looking for inspiration I really just reflect on the situations that life brings me, I just want people to feel me. I wanted to display a couple of my talents while also keeping a slow houston vibe because the world needs to respect the culture. With regards to the process I flip through the notes where I mark down emotions and thoughts that cross my mind. Once I have an idea on what I want to say I just hop in the booth and get active.

How did you choose “But That’s Okay” as the single?

I was chiefing with my potnas before a studio session in houston and I asked if the producer (gioprodmusic) could make my voice deeper on some chopped and screwed type vibe. I really just knocked it out in 10 minutes. We played it in the car on the way home and we fasho knew it was the one. (shout out Di$h BigNito Tahj)

What is the biggest thing you want people to take away from “Late Replies”?

I wanted the playas with big hearts who out here chasing they dreams to feel me. Projects like these are truly like capturing a moment in time almost like a picture. But this picture is has a dark twisted aesthetic that displays the ambiance of love, raw truth, and lust, but painted with a designer brush and candy paint. Just a lil some you can nod your head and switch lanes to.

What is next for EVVO?

Definitely have to build off all the buzz I’m getting and really dig deep with this next project. BIG features up my sleeve fasho. I want the world to hear something that’s different yet relatable.

Check out Evvo “Late Replies” below and follow him on Instagram, Tik Tok, and Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!

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