Ziberia – No Me Ves

Ziberia – No Me Ves

Now more than ever people are looking for a vibe when they hear a record. Looking for a special connection to the music that helps it stand out from other releases, with a certain quality to it that just feels authentic. When you are able to just simply feel the music as something good, it really goes far for you and Ziberia’s new release “No Me Ves” truly has no limits to how far it can go.

Ziberia brings a masterful genre bending jam that doesn’t disappoint with the new song “No Me Ves”. As soon as you hit play you’re able to hear the perfect flow of R&B melodies, matched with Commercial appeal, and Latin vocals to make one complete record. Having a smooth creative approach that is infectious and makes you enjoy the lush harmonies that work together righteously to bring the relatable writing to life, to make a complete release like other.

Ziberia’s “No Me Ves” is a brilliant performance of music that shines in the music and visuals to make us all buy in to this must hear talent. It’s a record that shows the power of a well written song, matched with innovation in the sound, to make something that embodies everything it is for a song to be fresh, with a newness to it that is fun to explore.

Check out Ziberia “No Me Ves” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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