Avry – Figure It Out

Avry – Figure It Out

Happy Friday!!! Hope everyone had a good week and ready to enjoy the vibes of the weekend. Fridays are always exciting for music lovers because of the countless releases, that come out on this day that allows us all to enjoy being fans of music. It’s even better when you get to take in music from a supreme talent and thats everything Avry is with his new song “Figure It Out”.

The magic of Avry sound is wrapped up in this perfect record on the new song “Figure It Out”. He’s a wiz at combining Pop and R&B, to a high level to make you enjoy everything about each respective genre. The appeal in the music is definitely Pop, with a digestible sound that can be heard by the masses, while he shows off his R&B prowess bringing transparency in the writing and soul in the delivery, to make it something that stands out as timeless.

That authentic music experience that you’re craving is what Avry brings on his latest effort “Figure It Out”. You hear the magic in the music, as each element compliments the next to make a superb body of work. If you want music you can feel then you will enjoy every second of this record.

Check out Avry “Figure It Out” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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