Artist Spotlight: Evvo

Artist Spotlight: Evvo

Music has reached a point where it’s no longer so much about the music just sounding good, but it must contain a certain quality that makes you feel the music. Getting an experience from the artist that slows down time for you to only focus on the work you’re hearing and getting lost in it all as it all takes form majorly to make fans of us all. That type of music is what shines from Evvo on his brand new project “Late Replies”.

A four song, 12 minute project filled with infectious vibes and relatable substance to make for a masterpiece you enjoy every minute of. He marvels at bringing an ultra smooth sound in not only the production style, but his vocal approach as well packing major playboy bravado that makes you buy into his star charisma that delivers in every way. Especially on a record “Like A Boss” that you hear him being so unapologetic in his cool that it’s impossible not be a fan of the whole experience.

Evvo’s “Late Replies” is a brilliant body of work that makes everything count while having time with the listener. Every facet of the music is done at a high level to give it unlimited replay value. It shines in the sound, excels in the writing, and delivers vocally to keep all eyes on this rising talent.

Check out Evvo “Late Replies” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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