Music and society have always been a direct reflection of each other. In a time where everything is so fast, and people are wrapped up in their own world, without slowing down on the quick consumption of things, music is more or less the same way. Music present day is quick, and as many songs that are out there aren’t not too many that fill up the listener with what they need to get through. That music that gets you through has to have that soul and that soul is what shines in Charmaine’s new song “BORDERLINES”.

Charmaine delivers something special on her most powerful record to date on the new song “BORDERLINES”. The approach by Charmaine is daring, and real as she makes a record that makes the world slow down. The writing is deep and packed with through provoking lyrics that makes the listener think, as well as connect to the person behind the music, while the vocal approach makes the listener feel to make it a divine piece to take in.

Charmaine’s “BORDERLINES” is a timeless piece of art that will last the times. The authenticity and realness in the music is everything that people keep coming back to a record. It shines musically in every way, while making something special to make the listener leave with more than they came with, on the perfect record to show this ever growing talent’s range and ability.

Check out Charmaine “BORDERLINES” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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