Big Society – Billy

Big Society – Billy

A record truly stands out. special when it gives you everything. Being able to enjoy a sound that blends genres, as well as give you mastery in the vocals and writng to bring a full picture of music to life like no other. When you get hear one of these special class of songs, it’s truly a joy that makes you fall in love with the creatives behind the sound. That special sound is what you get from Big Society on the new song “Billy”. 

Big Society crafts together a very fresh emotive recording with their new song “Billy”. The vocal performance is infectious and sweet in its tone as the melodies ride the wave of the production to perfection, to bring the writing to life in a real way. The production blends Indie Rock, and Pop to a brilliant level that carries the record well rocking the tunes from beginning to end, with amazing work that’s packed with light you can feel in the soul.

Big Society’s “Billy” is record packed with supreme musical talent. They have their own style that shines bright and separates them from the pack of other acts in a major way, with a stand out quality that is superb in every way. If you want to a hear a master class of musicianship from the production and singing, look no further than this track here.

Check out Big Society “Billy” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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