King IV – See You Later

King IV – See You Later

Music can be fun for many reasons. Getting to hear music that brings a certain experience or have a quality to it that cant be denied. The type of music that we all love is music that can make us dance. Those records that are filled with elements working together to bring an experience of music that makes us move, and hope it never ends. That is what you get from King IV on the new jam “See You Later”.

King IV brings you an ultra infectious sound layered in grooves to make you move on the new song “See You Later”. The electro touch to the sound brings the party to you, with the lights from the sound shining through, to be a perfect match with the knocking percussion that you feel in your bones. As the music pumps so does the vocals that have a worldwide appeal to them, to make sure its a song you can enjoy without limits, with a big time feel that make it stand out above songs you hear on the daily to make it all complete.

King IV’s “See You Later” is the perfect record at the perfect time that you will enjoy without limits. Everything is done to a supreme level to give the people something they can be fans and leave their subjectivity at the door, with a record that sounds so good, you cant help but enjoy the feel good vibes to the fullest.

Check out King IV “See You Later” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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