Gold Fang – Big Natty Rasta

Gold Fang – Big Natty Rasta

Happy Monday!!! Hope everyone had a great weekend and ready to have an even better start to the week. To start off the week we always try to showcase undeniable talent, that we know will defy subjectivity and be received by music fans everywhere as something great. To kick things off this week its a must we bring the new release form Gold Fang called “Big Natty Rasta”.

Gold Fang brings an incredible high energy sound on the new song “Big Natty Rasta”. The music sets a brilliant infectious tone with hard 808’s and fun melodies working together to make one major sound for him to go to work. As the music flows so does the rhymes with an unapologetic approach to his pen that shines through in the verses and takes off in the chorus that is catchy to make one smash hit. To deliver the writing you get a commanding presence from the vocals that makes you buy into every part of the record righteously.

Gold Fang’s “Big Natty Rasta” is a song you will love to hear every second of. Its an entertaining experience of music that makes you get out of your seat, and be a fan of it all. If you’re looking for supreme music that you will wan to keep coming back for more, you will love this special piece of audio full of replay value.

Check out Gold Fang “Big Natty Rasta” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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