Bricen Kendric – Show Me The Way

Bricen Kendric – Show Me The Way

If theres anything that can you help you get through its music. A special art form that is able to connect with the people through sound. Not only through just the music sounding good but the message in the lyrics that can be right on time, with all of us having our own special record we go to for guidance when life gets hard. A record that runs wild in that tradition is Bricen Kendric’s new release “Show Me The Way”.

Bricen Kendric brings powerful writing and infectious grooves to make one must hear record on the new song “Show Me The Way”. The bright optimistic feel to the music resonates instantly, with each Latin groove doing its work to set a beautiful tone. To match the rhythm you get a vocal performance that is great at giving emotion to the listener, while also bringing the writing to life to show the listener the powerful support system God can provide to be an inspiration to us all.

Bricen Kendric’s “Show Me The Way” is truly a record that does wonders to the soul. No matter what you’re dealing with you can find solace in this record, due to the pure heart and substance put into the music. It’s well crafted lyrically, while also having nice appeal to the sound, with the singing taking things over the top to give us a great message, and an even better listening experience.

Check out Bricen Kendric “Show Me The Way” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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