Wes Linden x Dave B. – Diamonds

Wes Linden x Dave B. – Diamonds

Music really has a way of sticking with you when it feels good to hear. When the bright feel to the sound connects with the soul to pick you up, and helps you get away for a moment to enjoy the magic of the record that makes it connects where most songs cant. That type of experience of music is what you get from the new collaboration from Wes Linden and Dave B. on the new song “Diamonds”.

Wes Linden comes together with Dave B. to shine like the stars they are on the new song “Diamonds”. They really kick the gospel with his lyrics that feel good to the soul, with them being super relatable, and a message anyone who has been through anything can feel. It not only shines with the lyrics, but the flow as well being a lyrical master, playing with he flow and doing whatever he feels to a mastery level that is beyond impressive, and matched by the chorus that shines in its catchiness and vocals as well.

Wes Linden featuring Dave B.’s “Diamonds” is the right song at the right time for the world to vibe to. The message shines to the fullest to really sell this song as the hit it is. This record is a great display of artists using their powers for good in making a positive record to get you through, while still showing impressive skills that makes this song click on a cylinders.’

Check out Wes Linden featuring Dave B. “Diamonds” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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