Tetra Collective – Sweetside

Tetra Collective – Sweetside

Music is so many things. So many special things but something we always fail to recognize is how much of an art music is. Artist stepping to a blank canvas and bringing a vision to life. With creating a piece it can be anything and what Tetra Collective chooses to do for their canvas is create a masterpiece with the new song “Sweetside”.

Tetra Collective creates nothing short of brilliance on their new must hear song “Sweetside”. The production is flawless and makes you see stars with a groovy feel that works, while the vocals melt you in your seat with the genius level approach to make the song felt. To take it over the top the writing shines as well, telling the story perfectly to make everything about the record special.

Tetra Collective’s “Sweetside” is an amazing record packed with creativity, to show their true understanding of the art of music. It achieves making music that people feel, as well as showcasing their talent to the highest level to make anyone who listens a fan.

Check out Tetra Collective “Sweetside” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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