min.a Featuring Laiko – what do i do

min.a Featuring Laiko – what do i do

With music present day its easy for a listener to feel like they’ve heard it all. So many sounds running concurrent, as most music falls together, its always refreshing to hear a record that shines in its own sound. Giving the world a major sound that makes you stop what you’re doing to take in the fresh approach that, makes you a believer in the innovation of music again. Thats what you get from min.a on the new song “what do I do” featuring Laiko.

If you’re looking to hear major creativity that works you will love what min.a and Laiko bring to life on the new song “what do I do”. The alternative pop approach to the sound works brilliantly as the music builds, and each instrument playing off the next to make a true work of art. Not only shining the sound, the music impressives in the appeal, and stand out approach in the vocals that really lets the writng melt into the music to make for an audio experience like no other.

Everything that makes music fun and exciting to hear is what you get from “what do i do”. It’s that music that takes you on a journey, as you listen and get lost in the magic of it all. It excels musically in every way from the incredible producution, unique vocals, and great writing to make it a complete body of work for the world to enjoy.

Check out min.a featuring Laiko “what do i do” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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