MeMe Myatt – Stingy

MeMe Myatt – Stingy

Soul music is music that you can feel. That music connects with the mind and spirit, that makes you connect with music on an emotional level like no other. It’s that type of music that people crave and run to, when they need it most, with the music being able to capture the spirit they need to move forward. That type of music is timeless and MeMe Myatt brings one of those records on the new song “Stingy”.

MeMe Myatt brings a super soulful experience on the new love song “Stingy”. The sound is refreshing and feels good to hear, with each groove feeling like a breeze worth getting swept away in. It not only connects in the production, but vocally as well with a masterful tone that meshes with the music to perfection, and conveys the right emotion to deliver the well crafted writing, to making it a record that doesn’t miss in any facet.

MeMe Myatt’s “Stingy” is a special record that showcases the magic of a good tune. It excels in it’s approach, to give you a simple yet complex sound filled with class and grace that makes it enjoyable for every second. If you love good music that is packed with soul, you will enjoy this record for time to come without limits.

Check out MeMe Myatt “Stingy” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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