When covering music daily it can all just flow together in a way thats routine. Where its just so much apart of what you do that you can forget how much of a fan, you can still be of music. As much as that is the case, there’s some songs that give you that fresh reminder of why you love what you do, with a sound that just instantly makes you a fan of the artistry, as well as the creatives behind the music in a real way. That type of sound is what you get from KID TRAVIS on their new must hear release “NOBODY”.

KID TRAVIS brings a major sound that shines for every second on the new song “NOBODY”. The record shines in the feeling it gives the listener with a fresh approach that embodies everything you hope to get from something new. The appeal in the sound catches you instantly with a big time Pop infused sound that was crafted for the world to hear. To match this sound you get brilliant writing that shines in the verses and takes off to the stars in the chorus, with a vocal performance that is masterful in its delivery to make a song that truly doesn’t miss.`

KID TRAVIS “NOBODY” is a perfect record if there ever was one with a song that truly does everything right to give us something special. The musicianship is second to none with a mastery in the approach that leaves you in awe, and matches that with a feel good energy that resonates to make you keep coming back for more, from this record that one listen will never ever be enough for.

Check out KID TRAVIS “NOBODY” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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