Hunter – Be Mine

Hunter – Be Mine

Songs always have a way of sticking with us when their is real emotion to it. Those well crafted records that you feel the artist putting their soul into the music to make a connection with yours, as you not only feel the music, but also relate to it as the the substance in the record is everything you could hope to hear when you need it most. That type of music is what you get from Hunter on this fresh release “Be Mine”.

Hunter mixes Pop appeal and R&B soul to make magic on the new song “Be Mine”. The sound does an outstanding job of adding a bright indie feel, to make one must hear sound that you feel for every second. Letting the emotions ride in waves over the listener, you pick up on the soul put into the writing, as well as the vocals to make a connection like no other, while also baring witness to the art of a well written record to breathe more life into us all.

Hunter’s “Be Mine” is a record that does everything right to ensure we will keep coming back to this record. As soon as you hit play you get an experience of music that lets you get away and just become a fan of this pure blissful sound that flows from the speakers into the listeners soul. It’s superb musically with the production, writing, and vocals working off of each other to perfection, to make sure we feel it all it so righteously.

Check out Hunter “Be Mine” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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