Geno Five Featuring KIPP STONE – SOUL

Geno Five Featuring KIPP STONE – SOUL

When the music is real there’s no denying the effect it has on you. Connecting with the music that goes beyond acknowledging something has a good sound, but a true musical experience that you can feel the soul in, as the substance in the lyrics that makes you relate to the music and artist like. That type of experience of music is what you get from Geno Five on his new powerful record “SOUL” featuring KIPP STONE.

Geno Five connects with KIPP STONE to show his continual growth to make a masterpiece on the new song “SOUL”. The authenticity in the sound catches you right away and makes you slow down to take in the soul provided. Letting the music set the ultimate tone the presence in the vocals are filled with hunger and conviction that tugs at the heart, and lets you really feel the writing that is daring its approach, with a brutal honesty and transparency in every word that hit you to your core, in mastery fashion on this work of art.

Geno Five featuring KIPP STONE “SOUL” is a timeless piece of work that will forever be able to be felt by the people. It has a soul to it that makes an intimate connection with the listener, to take you back to the days of throwing on headphones and going on the journey the music takes you. Geno Five always delivers and with this latest release he shows why he’s a major talent that will be around for time to come.

Check out Geno Five featuring KIPP STONE “SOUL” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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