Indica Wave – Gems

Indica Wave – Gems

Music was meant to be original. A creative audio piece of art that defines who the creative behind the music is. That are of shining with your own unique voice is something that can get lost, with new trends and copycats that you can hear in music, but its the original sounds that stands out. That originality and creativity is what makes music something must hear and Indica Wave keeps that spirit alive on her new song “Gems”.

Indica Wave brings brilliant creativity and powerful words to life on the new song “Gems”. The Alternative Trill vibe is what catches you right away with a smooth sound in the production that sets the tone, but when you listen closer you hear the freshness and innovation in the rhyme approach. The writing is sharp just as much as it is clever, with impressive wordplay that shows the supreme level of talent, as well as major substance in the lines that make the record stand out. Each line is delivered with plenty of charisma that gives the song more life, as you take in a creative style to the fullest to make you listen to enjoy every second. 

Indica Wave’s “Gems” is the perfect record that showcases the art and spirit of music. Theres no formulaic process to the music, and it lets her style shine to the fullest with the mission of making the dopest music possible, being on full bloom for the world to take in and be fans of.

Check out Indica Wave ”Gems” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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