Ave Emi – Slip

Ave Emi – Slip

Records that give you a perfect storm of things always has a special way of standing out. Those incredible records that ae able to fuse many things together, to make sone socially pleasing sound that you can vibe to like no other. That type of sound is what you get from Ave Emi on his new record full of vibes called “Slip”.

Ave Emi gives the perfect blend of slick catchy lyrics and a smooth sound on the new song “Slip”. The production sets the perfect tone with a nice dark dreamy touch to the sound, that mellows things out for you to slow down for the music. With the vibe set Ave Emi lets his melodic approach to the vocals shine to the fullest, with a confident tone that serves the perfect approach for the content in the lyrics to ensure the listener has every reason to enjoy this fresh release.

Ave Emi’s “Slip” is a brilliant jam that does everything to a supreme level. It’s that supreme music that you can feel and love to enjoy more with each listen, as you catch the small intricacies just as well as the big details to the record, to enjoy the full magic of this record that is ready for the world to love it.

Check out Ave Emi “Slip” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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