#spaniardsLife – Choose Happiness Featuring Abram Polinar

#spaniardsLife – Choose Happiness Featuring Abram Polinar

Music is one of the most consumed forms of art. Being apart of our daily lives to the wide range of sounds, as well as substance to the lyrics that we relate to. When life is good we come to music and when we need a pick me up, we run to the music as well to hear sweet messages that get us through. The new record “Choose Happiness” from #spaniardsLife featuring Abram Polinar is full of those positive words we need to hear.

The power and beauty of music is on full bloom on this new release from #spaniardsLife called “Choose Happiness” featuring Abram Polinar. The song grabs you immediately with a bright emotive touch that builds perfectly throughout to take us on a journey like no other. As the music flows in waves over us we get to soak in the writing, that is packed with positive affirmations and substance to pour into the listener majorly, while we fall in love with the singing that is masterful in its approach of giving its all to us, to make it something that stands out in every way.

If you’re looking for an amazing release that is filled with must hear substance, then you will want to give “Choose Happiness” a real listen. The glow of the record shines it’s light on us all, with every facet of the record being done at a supreme level, to make for something that stands out in its quality, and matches that with real emotion that connects to make it truly timeless.

Check out #spaniardsLife featuring Abram Polinar “Choose Happiness” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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