Shawn Desman – Maniac

Shawn Desman – Maniac

We started this platform as pure fans of music. People who just enjoy taking in new sounds that make life better. Sometimes with taking in a lot of music, you can forget that fan feeling that started it all, but some songs always give you that reminder and Shawn Deman’s “Maniac” is one of those songs.

Shawn Desman makes a brilliant masterpiece full of major appeal that world will love on the new song “Maniac”. The reasons to live this song is truly infinite as each moving part, helps the next make one amazing stand out sound. The production is smooth with a great commercial sound, that matches the vocal tone that melts in to the music perfectly, and the writing takes this song into another stratosphere with big time verses and a major chorus to make it a record with unlimited replay value.

Shawn Desman’s “Maniac” is one of those special records that make you keep falling in love with music. It’s one of those gems that shines to the fullest, as it makes you forget about any critique one can have, and just fan out to genius level sounds coming out your speakers. 

Check out Shawn Desman “Maniac” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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