AntsLive – Glow Up

AntsLive – Glow Up

For an artist present day, they have to have more than just skill. They need to have a quality to them that makes them stand out something special, whether it be their sound or their approach to the rhymes, there needs to be something that makes you want to listen to more. That can be approached in many different ways but for AntsLive he uses his commanding presence and slick lyrics to make fans of us on the new song “Glow Up”.

AntsLive embodies the title in every way on the new song “Glow Up”. He makes you buy in instantly with a charming bravado in his approach that makes you get invested in the flex of the record. Taking full advantage of the hard sound in the production that sets the ultimate engaging tone, he lets his lyrics come to life with ease, as you enjoy the craftsmanship in his pen that is unapologetic in it’s approach to make something must hear for the people to feel.

AntsLive’s “Glow Up” is a must hear record from a must hear artist who delivers to the fullest. Its a quick record that makes you hungry for more with two minutes of pure excitement being delivered, making for an exhilarating listen to keep the culture such a live place to be, with artist as talented as this stand out creative.

Check out AntsLive “Glow Up” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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