Big Lie – For The Boys

Big Lie – For The Boys

As much as music and entertainment alike can be so subjective, there still some things you just have to talk about. Those experiences you have with the music that make it impossible to ignore with a daring and entertaining approach to it all, making it stand out as well as stick with you that its just something you have to acknowledge. That’s what you get from Big Lie on the new song “For The Boys”.

Big Lie brings a daring display of music to life that you must check out with the new song “For The Boys”. He explores homoeroticism in a creative and entertaining way, with engaging writing that takes major chances that pays off majorly, and makes it happen all over a digestible sound with some knock to it that works perfectly to keep you invested. His vocal approach is just right for the occasion with a lightness to it that, makes you enjoy the fun of it all and stands out even more on this one of a kind experience that connects in the audio and visuals alike.

Big Lie’s “For The Boys” encompasses the entertainment aspect of music to the fullest with every element being engaging in its own right, while still offering strong substance in the lyrical content in a playful way, to shine like other records before its time. If you need to enjoy a spark in your routine make time to check out the song and video now!

Check out Big Lie “For The Boys” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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