Artist Spotlight: Kim Collins

Artist Spotlight: Kim Collins

Music has long been a special thing in the world that covers many different topics and themes to connect to people in a major way. Getting to hear records that you are able to feel in every from the sounds used, or the substance in the writing, or even the the way an artist approaches the music vocally to convey the right amount of emotion. When you are able to feel the music, its makes it real for you, and Kim Collins is able to make a connection that you feel to your core on her new debut EP “Comfort and Guidance”.

A four song, 18 minute project that is a true comforting listen that will get you through. Each song is written with strong intent with her stating each song was crafted to “Thank God for all he has done” and music surely does that. Standing out in the title record “Comfort and Guidance” that has warm piano and guitar acoustics matched with elegant harmonies, to put it musically in a class of its own as well as something soulful that resonates to the fullest. From the opener she continues to marvel in every way to make each second of this amazing record count, as each respective track feels like its own intimate experience that brings us closer to the special woman behind the music.

Kim Collins “Comfort and Guidance” is a beautiful body of work that you feel to your core as something supreme you must be apart of. It’s music that you can feel coming from the artist’s soul to make it that much more release for us all, as the gospel in her words shining a light on us all to get us through majorly, to make us want to keep coming back for more.

Check out Kim Collins “Comfort and Guidance” below and follow her on Facebook. Stay Global my Friends!

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