Music is something that will forever be subjective, especially with a genre such as Hip Hop. Many debate what is real Hip Hop, but emceeing in it’s purest from will always be rappers hopping on a dope beat and letting their words fly to the music. KRiTTA does that and so much more to make something impressive with his new stand out release “DEAL MYSELF”.

KRiTTA brings must hear music to give the culture something to be excited about on the new song “DEAL MYSELF”. The classic horn sample sets the perfect tone, with each melody helping the lines slide off right to listener’s ear. The lyrics are beyond supreme and full with engaging content to make us all fans, and give us a fresh reminder of the substance that made us fall in love with Hip Hop. His presence is commanding and packed with soul to make sure people feel the content to the fullest.

KRiTTA’s “DEAL MYSELF” is that powerful music that shows the magic of an artist having integrity in their game that you can feel. He shines like a true star thats worthy of every listen with so much poise and charisma in his approach, its impossible to ignore the brilliant display of music that takes off in the audio and visuals alike.

Check out KRiTTA “DEAL MYSELF” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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