Kingdom Kome x Onaje Jordan – Revolve Round Science

Kingdom Kome x Onaje Jordan – Revolve Round Science

Getting the attention of the listener, is never an easy feat. Some listeners expect to be engaged right away, and some are more patient than others. It’s always important to not waste time, and Kingdom Kome and Onaje Jordan doesn’t waste a single second on his new record “Revolve Round Science”.

Kingdom Kome links with Onaje Jordan to burn the booth down on the new song “Revolve Round Science”. The title is enticing in it’s own right, but as soon as you hit play you know, you are about to hear something incredible. The record wastes little time grabbing you with a hard sound courtesy of Onaje Jordan, sending chills down your spine to set the tone as the rapping steps up, and delivers the fire necessary for this record. The flow is vicious and packed with conviction you can’t fake, which line bar being a quotable in it’s own right for this master class display of Hip Hop.

Kingdom Kome and Onaje Jordan “Revolve Round Science” is a record that Hip Hop heads everywhere, will be bumping out their speakers. It’s an instantly engaging record, with high octane skills to make this an undeniable record, and a must hear for the world.

Check out Kingdom Kome and Onaje Jordan “Revolve Round Science” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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