Louise Sheene – Taking Shots

Louise Sheene – Taking Shots

Music has long served many purposes in our lives. Serving as the score to many different times in our life, including the festive one. Hearing those record that describe a good time perfectly to the point it makes you want to go out to experience the music, and take a break from reality. That type of song is what you get from Louise Sheene on her new song “Taking Shots”.

Louise Sheene brings a creative infectious jam that will keep you moving on the new song “Taking Shots”. The Afrobeat touch to the sound sets a masterful tone for this party brought to life, with each groove working like magic to make something danceable. Being able to shine through the music Louise’s unique tone makes her a true stand out with, such presence and charisma that makes the fun in the writing come to life to make us all enjoy the incredible experience of music.

Louise Sheene “Taking Shots” is a must hear record that feels good to hear in a real way. The vibrant energy to the music takes over to let us all feel the magic of it, with it all being done in superb fashion to make a hit full of appeal. Hit play now and get lost in the music of Louise Sheene.

Check out Louise Sheene “Taking Shots” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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