Paige Bea – 4×4

Paige Bea – 4×4

Something refreshing to hear in music is a great sense of creativity. A sound that stands out from the many sounds we consume daily, that can sometimes run together as one. When you get a fresh sound its always fun to explore, as you feel like you giving fresh life by the music you get to hear and thats what you get from Paige Bea on the new song “4×4”.

Paige Bea uses a Lo’Fi Pop sound for her pulsating new single “4×4”. The music has a nice creative dark touch to it that works perfectly for the substance in the lyrics. Being able to catch the mesmerizing feel of the honeymoon phase in relationships, with such innovation and delivers perfectly in the vocals with nice emotion and appeal to make sure its a record that get heard by as many ears as possible, for this record that doesnt miss.

Paige Bea’s “4×4” is a major release that shows how amazing it is when an artist take chances in the music, as well as the power of a well written song, as her pen shines to the fullest to make something that shines in its articulation and depth in a real way. If you love good music you will want to hit play on this one of a kind record now!

Check out Paige Bea “4×4” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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