Chuuwee x Money Montage – Munchies

Chuuwee x Money Montage – Munchies

Everyone is always looking for undeniable music. As much as everyone can have a preference in what they listen to, we all look for records that grab us instantly and makes us fans of the magic that is taking place. An artist who always delivers in the music is Chuuwee and with his latest collaboration with Money Montage you get a true masterpiece to the fullest.

Chuuwee and Money Montage come together to give the perfect response to Ice Spice’s “Munch” with their new song “Munchies”. The production courtesy of Money Montage brings an engaging and infectious Drill sound to the forefront, as the music pumps at a high level to set a real tone. As the music takes over Chuuwee brings his signature flow to the table, pushing the song forward with masterful precision and checking women standard with lyrical wizardry to make for an exciting listen that you will want to keep hearing.

Chuuwee and Money Montage’s “Munchies” is they type of music that makes the culture fun, as they are able to handle something serious with in a creative way to make for stand out listen. You get to enjoy the record musically with each part carrying its weight to make sure the song is a major, and you feel the music to make it a timeless listen.

Check out Chuuwee and Money Montage “Muchies” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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