Broke ‘n Tipsy – Can’t Wait

Broke ‘n Tipsy – Can’t Wait

One of the best sounds to hear is a House sound. That brought exciting element that creates a world around the listener that they can get lost in, as they explore the special sound that you hope never ends. Those songs always make for a great listen, and a great listen is what you get from this new incredible record from Broke ‘n Tipsy called “Can’t Wait”.

Broke ‘n Tipsy brings a creative Afro House sound beyond words on the new song “Can’t Wait. Bringing an exciting sound with fun vocals in stellar fashion, they makes music with strong layers to make it sonically pleasing to feel and enjoy, as you get engulfed in the waves of his special sound they bring to the forefront. The music is filled with melancholic harmonies, that brings a fresh approach to that makes this must hear record truly supreme.

Broke ‘n Tipsy’s “Can’t Wait” is a record that you can get lost in to the magic. It’s music that you can play and enjoy without limits, with a sound that is beyond the subjectivity of music in a real way. If you love good music, then you will enjoy the innovative approach that gets better with every second that passes by.

Check out Broke ‘n Tipsy “Can’t Wait” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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