Artist Spotlight: Sugarae

Artist Spotlight: Sugarae

One of the most exciting things to hear in music is an artist going for it. That daring energy that comes through majorly in the music, as you hear them go for gold in every way to be something great for the world to pay witness to. When an artist is fearless in their approach it really makes for an exciting listen and excitement is what you get from Sugarae on his new project “Closer Than You Think”.

An 11 song, 32 minute project that makes you buy into his artistry in a real way. The ambitious sound in the music resonates to the fullest in every song, as he gives strong rhyming in each record, while covering a wide range of topics that bring you closer to the person behind the music. He starts strong on records like the opener “Sovereign” that sets the ultimate tone as he delivers supreme rhyming, with a masterful conviction to keep us invested in the rest of the project. Throughout there are plenty of stand outs that are brilliant in their substance, with a favorite like “Wait For Me” that carries great emotion in every facet to make a true connection, that you get throughout this impressive release.

Sugarae’s “Closer Than You Think” is a record that makes you a fan of artist and keeps you looking out for what he does next. He puts so much care into the music and it shines through to make its mark on you with each record, being well crafted to it all sonically amazing and worth exploring for time to come.

Check out Sugarae “Closer Than You Think” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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