Artist Spotlight: Naud

Artist Spotlight: Naud

One of the best things about listening to a full music project is the journey the music can take you. Getting to hear a collection of songs that aid each other, in telling one cohesive story with a wide range of songs and themes that get you invested just as much as a cinema piece would. That experience has long made fans of all us and Naud will definitely make a fan out of you with his new project “Kool Lab 1”.

A 10 song, 32 minute project that adds much life and innovation to the bedroom pop sound. The music carries great innovation, as well as commercial appeal to make it all digestible while also giving you a fresh approach to it all. The funky grooves in the music feel good to the spirit to hear and his presence to the vocals grab you, with its own special distinct tone that makes him stand out in his own to keep you listening, while he transitions between English and French lyrics. This shines most in songs like the emotive “Nuits Boreales” with Margo, as well as shows tremendous production prowess with songs like the funky “Frank Rahich” with TOUJOURS LA, that makes you vibe with every grooves offered.

Naud “Kool Lab 1” is a project that lives up to the name in every way to embody everything it is for something to be cool. Its fun, exciting, and packed with a fresh approach to the music to make you have fun discovering a new talent, that marvels in every way to give you an enjoyable experience of music that doesn’t disappoint.

Check out Naud “Kool Lab 1” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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